Man Unbound:
A Men’s Weekend
February 9-11, 2018
Ojai, California

Man Unbound:
A Men’s Weekend
February 9-11, 2018
Ojai, California

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Ojai, California



February 9-11, 2018



Friday 2-9
Saturday 10-6
Sunday 10-6
With optional evening assignments.



This 3-Day Retreat for Men is an opportunity to engage in deep explorations into your body, mind, and experience with a unique guide and a tribe of committed individuals.

You will explore pathways that not only reveal and clarify the nature of your interior structures, but also equip you to practically apply these learnings in your life, work, and relationships.

This weekend will include a varied course of studies ranging from innovative movement practices to clear meditation instruction, and across a wide range of topics such as accessing the body’s subtle sensory arrays to the fundamentals of sexual yoga.

Areas of exploration include:

  • Meditation instruction
  • Breathing methods
  • The Movement Koan Method™
  • Innovative movement practices to explore your mind, body, patterns, and potential.
  • Learn how to go beyond rules and conceptual ideals and connect with your own body’s intelligence to navigate yourself in the world and relationship.
  • Explore how to feel, read, and communicate with others via your body and energy.
  • Inquire into the principles of structural integrity as it pertains to polarity and intimacy.
  • Learn the foundational requirements for proper sexual yoga and energetic work (with homework assignments).
  • Work with strong sensation and emotions in the body as a preparation for death.
  • Investigate how to see with the heart and act spontaneously from emptiness.
  • Develop fluency in the mechanisms and applications of tension and relaxation.
  • Access and decode your body’s wisdom, diagnostics, and subtle sensory arrays.
  • Understand how the body opens, increasing mobility and ability, in an effective manner without incurring injury.
  • Learn how to embody concepts such as Zen’s ‘don’t know’ and ‘beginner’s mind’ – moving from the conceptual to the experiential.
  • Learn how to construct your own personal home practice that is tailored to your individual capabilities and interests.

This event will not follow the usual trajectory of men’s work and runs counter-current to the prevailing fads of:

  • Masochistic edge-pushing and endless self-improvement for approval.
  • Leveraging and therefore compounding feelings of unworthiness and separateness for temporary emotional highs.
  • The worker-bee programming of finding a purpose to feel fulfilled.
  • Adopting pseudo-spiritual ideas about ‘masculine’ behaviors and traits as a substitute for genuine understanding.
  • Outmoded accountability structures that disempower healthy individuals.
  • Theatrical initiation rituals.

Bonus Self-Study Projects

In addition to the group work during workshop hours, this event includes the option of personal interviews with a guided course of after hours self-study. This means you can work through the week with Steve on any area specific to your interests and receive individual assignments, reporting back to dial in your own process and development.

All levels welcome.


About Steve & Michaela

Steve James has worked for over ten years with private clients by referral only, both in 1-1 contexts and in closed-door intensives for small groups. He has an extensive background of deep explorations in various embodiment practices (including martial arts, yoga, and qigong), meditation, contemplative and mystic traditions, music, extreme survival, interpersonal and business strategy, and a comprehensive sexual yoga expertise. Steve’s clients range from pioneering entrepreneur CEO’s and multi-billion dollar fund managers to Grammy-winning rockstars and Oscar-nominated actors.

Michaela Boehm is a lineage holder in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra having received a classical tantric education from the age of 16. In addition to over twenty years of extensive academic and clinical background in psychology and counseling, Michaela also traveled and co-taught with David Deida for 13 years. She has developed a women’s curriculum for feminine embodiment as well as teaching couples and men about the principles of intimacy and polarity.


What Others Are Saying

Having worked in the field and attended personal development an leadership training at some of the most prestigious universities and venues in the world; Steve’s program is absolutely distinct, unparalleled, and revolutionary. His understanding of embodied expression and non-linear thinking and movement has transformed my life…Innovation in this field is exceedingly rare. Steve and his essential contribution to the training continues to reset the paradigm of the human evolutionary process. – James Carswell

Steve’s teaching philosophy is rooted in a deep and authentic compassion and concern for the well being of others. I first met Steve in late 2015, he was teaching a human relationship workshop that I took. I recognized a couple things immediately: he really knew the material on a level far beyond memorization, and he was using cutting edge physical-neurological techniques to prepare our minds and bodies for the difficult work we would be doing during the workshop.

The techniques he was using are the kind that are used by some of the world’s top athletes today to fine-tune their nervous systems in order to maximize their physical performance gains. I also know that this stuff is so new in this kind of application that most people just don’t know about it yet. Steve had created a synthesis of methods which I had never seen used this way before. According to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains, synergy is the second highest form of learning, followed by evaluation which is the highest. Steve was using both. – Greg Tczap

Steve is really unique in his extremely grounded educational style and his depth of experience, his ability to integrate the teachings bodily and intellectually and this without loosing connection to real people and our life…Meeting Steve James, following his work and attended all of his teachings in Amsterdam since our first meeting has been pivotal in both my own spiritual and personal development. – Dennis Thomsen

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A Men’s Weekend
February 9-11, 2018
Ojai, California