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I trust my body

At the end of class, there was a wave of relief that washed over me. Thankfully the class ended because I just sat there bawling. I wasn’t even aware that there were so many things I needed to release. Since the class, I have come up with quite a few more! And I trust my body that it will do what it does best. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Suzette, Colorado


Deliciously simple yet profound

The Non-Linear Movement Method® is such a deliciously simple yet profound practice & the opportunity to explore such deep embodiment in a space with other students is honestly priceless. Michaela & Steve share their teachings in such a non-dogmatic & empowered way – it’s refreshing, funny & I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Jenna, Australia


I continue to practice daily

I was incredibly lucky to be a part of the first US cohort certified to teach the Non-Linear Movement Method™. Michaela and Steve are gifted teachers-solid, grounded, endlessly knowledgeable, and incredibly committed to the work and to their students. I had sought out this training primarily because I was interested in expanding my skills as a healing practitioner, but what I received as the result was so much more. The training was infused with depth, quality, and soul. Every exercise felt intentional and every practice led me into a deeper experience of myself. Several months after the training, I continue to practice nearly daily and I continue to feel amazed and very grateful for the beautiful openings this practice has created in my life and my work.

Yulia, New Mexico


Teacher training online

I loved the NLMM 2020 teacher training online! I love the NLMM practice so much and can’t wait to start teaching it!

Francesca, Rome


About The Non-Linear Movement Method®

The Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) is a powerful somatic method developed by Michaela Boehm over the past 2 decades of instruction and practice.

The method is rooted in her early training in a Kashmiri Shakta Tradition and fused with her extensive expertise in working with trauma, emotional closures, and physical contractions in her clients and students; as well as in implementing this technique in her own practice.

In recent years Steve James refined and clarified the method, added original material, and contributed significantly to formatting it for educational delivery.

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