Authorized Teachers

Authorized Teachers

NLMM® is generally taught both online as well as in person. While in-person classes are still mostly restricted due to COVID-19, our Founder Michaela is offering bi-weekly classes for all major time zones. In addition several of our certified teachers are offering regular online sessions.

You can search this directory by region to contact a local teacher and find all current classes here.

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Michaela Boehm - Founder

Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and relationships. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela combines her training in psychology and extensive clinical counseling experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts as a classical Kashmiri Shakta Tantra lineage holder. Michaela’s approach empowers her students through an eclectic mix of education, experiential exercises and guided explorations. Known for her work with high-performing individuals, her ongoing private clients include Oscar-winning actors, producers, business pioneers, and multiple Grammy-winning musicians. Michaela is the Author of “The Wild Woman’s Way” and the founder of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, a powerful somatic release modality. She lives on an organic farm in California where she rescues and rehabilitates animals.

Steve James - Founder

Steve James travels internationally teaching somatic practices, meditation, yoga, as well as leading explorations in contemplative, mystic, and relational realms.Known for his intelligent, grounded approach and his dedication to first-hand research he has extensive experience in elite athletic performance, contemplative and spiritual disciplines, the arts, extreme outdoor survival, and human behavior.In addition to private client work and international public workshops, Steve has released a DVD series of his movement approach called the Movement Koan® Method, a fusion of joint-nourishing movement and body-based mindfulness.

Anna-Lena “Shama” Gustavsson
California, USA

Anna-Lena ‘Shama’ Gustavsson’s career in the health industry spans over five decades. She trained as a physical therapist at Lund’s University, and teaches yoga and trance dance. She lives at the off-grid retreat center ‘Heartland’ in Northern California, which she co-founded. She has four adult children and her motto is: ‘A day with passion is a day lived’. Shama is a qualified teacher in the Non-Linear Movement Method®, The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Yulia Hartman
New Mexico, USA

Yulia Hartman is a licensed psychotherapist and a steadfast believer in each person’s ability to access the healer within. Throughout her decade-long career as a psychotherapist, she has helped many individuals feel more at home in their bodies. Yulia’s passion is to create a world in which people can experience being in their bodies safely and joyfully.

Shanna Faye Jamieson
California, USA & Germany

Suzanna Jamieson is a Naturopathic Doctor and Classical Homoeopath practicing for over 20 years. She is a Health Coach with IIN, NY, and a WATSU practitioner. Suzanna studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and is a Raw Food Chef Instructor, LLI. Suzanna is a qualified teacher in both the Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®.

Elizabeth Menzel
California, USA

Elizabeth Menzel has been in professional practice for 24 years and has facilitated healings and workshops worldwide. Motivated by her own healing journey with depression and PTSD, she combines Physics Based Energy Healing, Brain Training, and Conscious Manifestation Embodiment Work to help clients overcome the effects of abuse, neglect, and self-doubt, so they can feel abundant, loving, and empowered.

Aaron Lacy
California, USA

Born and raised in San Diego, Aaron is dedicated to leading men to unlock their inner resources and power. He has worked extensively mentoring men and teenagers in programs such as the Mankind Project & Boys to Men. Having studied extensively with Steve and Michaela, Aaron is a qualified teacher in both the Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®.

Anthony Tait
Alberta, Canada

Anthony has studied closely with Steve James and Michaela Boehm since 2015 and is authorized in the The Non-Linear Movement Method™. He learned wild camping and tracking on extended expeditions in the Canadian Wilderness with his father throughout his childhood and teens. At the same time he immersed in AAA hockey, martial arts and other sports. A dedicated meditator, AJ leads meditations groups in Northern Alberta and offers workshops throughout Canada.

Krista Willie
Ontario, Canada

Krista grew up in a small rural town in Ontario. She works as a certified yoga teacher and public accountant. She is passionate about providing accessible, practical, everyday skills in the areas of movement, relationships and finances. Krista has engaged with this style of yoga for over a decade and is an authorized facilitator of The Non-Linear Movement Method® Level 1 & Level 2, The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® Level 1 & Level 2, and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Lianna Walden
British Columbia, Canada

As a Sex and Relationship Coach and Guide, Lianna helps people discover their own unique expression by being and accepting more of who they are. With a diverse and extensive background in Energy Healing, Dance, Tantra, Yoga, Dream/Out-of-Body exploration, Movement Therapy and Counseling, Lianna offers one-on-one diving in sessions, workshops as well as hosts an active blog and Youtube Channel.


United Kingdom

Mark is a Ph.D trained Biologist who has worked internationally in academia. He is interested in combining neuroscience, psychology and physiology with meditation and embodiment approaches to understanding how the human body and mind works. Having worked with Michaela & Steve since 2012, Mark has found great personal benefit from using the Non-Linear Movement Method® and draws upon this in his teaching.


Andrea has deeply immersed herself in the work of Michaela Boehm and Steve James since 2014. She holds a PhD and is author of the book: “The design of human organizations”. Her background includes cultural development and coaching but also shamanism, meditation, mountaineering, and yoga, which she combines with her insights into women’s practice and couple’s dynamics. She is a qualified teacher in the Non-Linear Movement Method®, The Intimacy and the Attraction Workshop® Level 1+2 and The Wild Woman’s Circle™. /

Danny Neifert
California & Colorado, USA

Danny was born on the Navajo reservation. A former white water river guide, she believes that life is an endless river of adventure and the best way to understand something is to jump in and get dirty. She has immersed in The Society of Friends (Quakers), the Right Use of Will Movement, Gurdjieff, and has studied with Michaela since 2008. Danny is a holistic solo entrepreneur and a mother of two.


Theresa Andersen
British Columbia, Canada

Theresa’s work as an Intuitive-teacher-guide, is formed by her studies in mysticism, sacred texts and Master Life coaching as well as her training with the masters in the field of intuition and wisdom studies. She offers powerful resources such as Non Linear Movement to empower, and encourage self-determination and freedom. She has qualified in all 3 paths including the Non-Linear Movement Method® – The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop® – Wild Woman’s Circle™.



Mina Aidoo
United Kingdom

Mina Aidoo is an Embodiment Teacher, Artist and Author, with a background in professional dance and choreography. She is the creator of WildBodyWisdom, an intimate online community for women who want to learn and practice the Non-Linear Movement Method®, whilst receiving support in their journey of body awakening.



Emily Cooper

Emily Cooper has been a professional dancer and dance teacher for over 13 years. She blends a unique variety of movement styles including West African, Contemporary, Bollywood and Yoga. Emily has a degree in Contemporary Dance from Western Sydney University, has studied dance extensively in New York and Africa, and is a qualified Non-Linear Movement Method® Instructor.

Mangala Holland
United Kingdom & Online

The founder of Sacred School of Shakti, Mangala is an international facilitator of women’s groups, Tantric rituals and workshops and also offers private mentoring. She places a strong emphasis on self-love, embodiment and empowerment, bringing the sacred into all elements of her life and teachings. Mangala is certified in the Non-Linear Movement Method® Level 1 and Level 2.

Julia Paulette Hollenbery
United Kingdom

Julia is the author of The Healing Power of Pleasure: Seven Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being, published by Findhorn Press 2021. She has worked professionally for over 25 years with The Grinberg Method, Craniosacral Therapy, and Family Constellations. She is authorized in The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop® Level 2, The Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™. She is passionate about sharing her life-long love of the mystery, real sensual relationship, and the life of the body.

Bella LaVey
Texas, USA

Bella LaVey is a sex and relationship coach with an extensive background in Daoist sexual alchemy, tantra, shamanism and sacred dance. She is also a certified qigong instructor, licensed massage therapist, and the creator of the feminine qigong form ‘Dance of the Immortaless’. She is authorized by Michaela Boehm and Steve James to facilitate The Non-Linear Movement Method®, Wild Woman’s Way Circle™ and The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®.

Elena Haldemann
Germany & Online

Elena creates spaces for exploration of the body’s innate rhythm and wisdom. Her work is greatly influenced by her teachers in India as well as nature itself. She encourages listening to the body, where all we need to know is, and believes that the body is the guru. Elena teaches yin yoga, hormonal yoga therapy and The Non-Linear Movement Method® in Cologne, Germany and online.

Mary Jo
California, USA

Mary Jo has a lifelong passion for the healing process, nature, moving meditation and contemplation practices. She has been in practice as a classical homeopath since 2001 with a mission to facilitate the reconnection of her clients with their own deepest knowing and highest potential. Mary Jo is certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method® and the Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® Level 2.


Wala Truscott

Wala has over a decades experience in Human Sexual Behaviour and training in Tantric Arts and is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator. Her passion is offering teachings to deepen intimacy, create heart connection and lasting attraction. She is a qualified teacher in both Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® providing a realistic, safe and fun environments for people to learn how to build healthy relationships.

Donavon Lerman
California, USA & Online

Donavon Lerman has been a California State-Licensed Massage Therapist in the Los Angeles area since 2009. He offers Non-Linear Movement Method® in addition to his bodywork and somatics offerings. Donavon has found that the Non-Linear Movement Method® shifted his own understanding to successful internal growth and discovery. Donavon also performs and teaches North African music professionally in Los Angeles.

Jenna Ward

Jenna Ward is a Feminine Embodiment Coach & founder of the School of Embodied Arts living between Australia’s Sunshine Coast & Europe. As a ‘stuck in her head’ ex-pharmacist turned embodied woman, Jenna intimately understand what it’s like to live life feeling dis-connected & dis-embodied – and how to find your way home to an emotionally empowered and sensually self.

Ara Lee Weldon
Colorado, USA & Online

Ara has spent her life devoted to studying, experiencing and teaching Somatic Psychology, Meditation, and Applied Neuroscience for optimal life design. Ara’s guidance helps you open doors to new levels of self awareness and personal agency, so you can feel confident and close in your relationships, and even more potent in your life’s work. Ara’s client list of almost two decades includes leaders in the domains of philanthropy, politics and social impact.

Libby Kinsela

Libby has over twenty years of experience and holds three university degrees in the fields of both psychology and education. Libby is currently working as a Clinical Consultant and is deeply interested in the area of embodiment practices and trauma. She is a qualified teacher in both Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®.

Hila Halutzy

Hila is an Emotional Intelligence counselor, NLP & EFT Therapy Master Practitioner, and workshop facilitator, with an MA in behavioral sciences. Born and raised in Israel, she spent several years in the US where she studied with Michaela and Steve since 2013. She is the author of the Emotional Intelligence guide “Stop in 4”, and works in Organizational Development. Hila is a believer in the natural ability to heal patterns of self-sabotage by way of increasing embodied awareness, thus opening new avenues to love and bliss.

Silvia Zupanc
The Netherlands

Silvia’s path of personal, spiritual and inner growth started more then two decades ago. As a dramatherapist, trainer and coach in emotional bodywork and The Non-Linear Movement Method® she combines different styles and techniques to tune in in every defined moment during her sessions. Silvia works in a safe and loving way to enable you to build your own loving and intimate relationships by discovering, experience and deepening your true and whole self.

Ronit Ashkenazi
California, USA

Ronit Ashkenazi is turned on by all things relationship, intimacy, and sexuality. She pivoted from a 20+ year career as an award-winning acupuncturist and natural medicine healer to work full-time as an embodiment and empowerment coach, writer, and artist. She is a certified teacher in The Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Christa Black Gifford
Tennessee, USA

Christa is an author, speaker, songwriter, and feminine wholeness enthusiast whose music, podcast, and teachings have reached millions worldwide. She currently leads a group of 300 women from 15 countries in emotional-spiritual healing, incorporating her training in Non-Linear Movement to help women come back home to their physical bodies, finding freedom and wholeness. Christa is certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method® and the Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®.

Julie Stuart
Georgia, USA

Julie is a consultant/facilitator who works with organizations and individuals to navigate complex change and create a strategy forward using creative conversations, large-scale visual mapping and whenever possible embodiment practices like Social Presencing Theater. She also leads retreats which explore the intersection of sensuality, intuition, art and movement. She has an MFA and is becoming a 5 Rhythms teacher.

Joanna Intara
California, USA

Creator of The Somatic Intimacy Alchemy Method™, Somatic & Trauma, Couples Expert, Joanna Intara turns 35 years and 35,000 client hours into a simple, yet powerful system that helps couples deeply reconnect with each other, and dissolve the invisible obstacles in the way of being fulfilled in their partnerships, without years of endless chit-chat therapy. Combining The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop®, The Non-Linear Movement Method®, Nervous System Regulation expertise, and extensive Couples & Intimacy certifications, she offers sessions, workshops & immersive retreats for couples worldwide.

Avni Trivedi
United Kingdom

Avni is an osteopath, zero balancer and birth doula. Her special interest is working with women before, during and after pregnancy to support their emotional and physical well-being. She also has a passion for treating babies and children using skilled and gentle touch. Avni has trained in The Non-Linear Movement Method® to help herself and her clients drop deeper into the body, unlearn held patterns, resolve trauma and awaken the bodily genius.

Ellen Waenink
The Netherlands

Ellen Waenink is an international Leadership and Presence coach, senior Circling Leader and teacher of the embodiment practice NLMM®. Through the art of presence and relating, she supports clients with returning to wholeness while guiding them to embody their deepest purpose. Ellen is an authorized facilitator of The Non-Linear Movement Method® Level 2 and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Gerri Domenikos
New York, USA

Gerri pairs her business acumen with ancient healing traditions, bridging these two worlds for maximum impact. Pairing an approach of gentleness with accountability, she coaches clients to overcome their obstacles, define and achieve goals, opening to a greater sense of overall satisfaction and self-awareness in their lives. Her experience with The Non-Linear Movement Method® was profound and life-changing, and her goal is to facilitate this experience for others as well.

Natalie Marsland
United Kingdom

Natalie has over 20 years experience as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and is Creator of Play for immersive storytelling company Reuben Feels, where she integrates the powerful somatic practice of the Non Linear Movement Method® into Reuben Feels’ rehearsal room environment. Also a DJ, Natalie uses the NLMM® to attune with her audience and surroundings to create an optimal sensory experience.

Gabriella Espinosa
USA, UK & Online

Gabriella is founder of Women’s Body Wisdom holistically supporting clients through the menopause transition. She is passionate about empowering you to know, trust and love your body and access the pleasure already within you. Her coaching draws on 20 years experience in women’s health, yogic and somatic arts through the lens of embodiment and neuroscience. She is certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method® Level 1 and 2 and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.


Alexandra is an Embodiment Teacher with a wide range of different movement concepts and a lifelong love for dance, nature and intercultural connection. She has a passion for teaching the skills to men and women to create and cultivate profound intimacy, heart connection and attraction, helping singles and couples recover their yearning for deeply satisfying and secure relationships and supporting the awakening of the body.

Lorraine Stern
California, USA

Lorraine has been a holistic practitioner for 20 years. She holds certifications as a Homeopath, Bowen Work fascia release specialist, Reiki Master, and Shamanic practitioner. She lives on a 14-acre organic farm near Moss Landing California and loves to show people how to come back into their bodies and their hearts, so they can live their lives to the fullest. /

Christina White
Colorado, USA & Mexico

Christina’s passion is to ignite feminine sensuality, harnessing the slingshot of passion within the empowered, strong, intelligent & capable woman, while remaining focused on life goals & the giving of feminine gifts of purpose through community & relationship.

Becky Hicks
Europe, Mexico & Thailand

Becky is a professionally trained dancer, yoga teacher and therapeutic movement facilitator. She believes the body, alongside artistic expression, is a gateway for deeper connection to our authentic self. For almost 10 years she has been teaching a movement class she developed combining yoga and dance (Sunflow), and now integrates the powerful practice of NLMM®. She has also been teaching creative movement to people with physical impairments caused by chronic diseases in Europe, Mexico and Thailand.

Robyn Augusta Fehnel
Arizona, USA

Robyn (M.Div, RYT, Chaplain) has dedicated her life to the study and development of spiritual practices. Serving as a congregational pastor & hospice chaplain she witnessed the search for spirit often bypassed our humanness. Robyn began her embodiment work with Michaela in 2009, attributing it to be the most transformative soil for compassion & connection.

Chrissy Powers
California, USA

Chrissy is a licensed marriage and family therapist, writer, speaker, podcaster, online educator and business coach reaching thousands worldwide. Chrissy is certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method® and is most passionate about helping others come back to their bodies, release trauma and live the life they want to live.

Leander Ruivenkamp
The Netherlands

Leander is a professional coach, practicing (sports) massage therapist, and aspiring Grinberg Method practitioner working privately and in studios around Amsterdam. He has a background in outdoor education including rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and advanced snow-boarding instruction. He has studied with Steve and Michaela for two years and is a qualified Non-Linear Movement Method® and Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® teacher.

Leonie von Arnim

Leonie is an Integrative Gestalt & Trauma Therapist. Over the last 9 years she has built a thriving Therapy Practice in Berlin, Germany. She also runs women’s retreats and co-facilitates workshops for musicians to integrate trauma. She has a grounded, practical and compassionate approach to therapy. Her focus is on helping clients unravel the survival/coping strategies that stop them from connecting to their true selves and living a fully expressed life.

Lisa Ball

Lisa is a yoga and meditation teacher who is passionate about supporting people to connect with their own deep wisdom and to live with authenticity, freedom and purpose. With a background as a corporate lawyer, Lisa’s teachings are grounded, supportive and offer a safe space to uncover ease and joy inside of our own bodies.

Alex White

Alex is driven to create spaces of love. He is a coach, long term partner, super dad and nature lover. A former digital strategist and art teacher, he holds a variety of skills that combine to offer uniquely intimate experiences. With training in massage, movement and coaching he enjoys 1:1 and group facilitation focused on somatic results and enjoys guiding people towards deeper relationships with their own pleasure.

Sharon Sztar
Australia & Online

Sharon is an ex-corporate executive turned women’s well-being advocate, passionate about changing the narratives of what it means to be a well and vital woman across all seasons of life. As well as being a Non-Linear Movement Method® instructor, Sharon facilitates circles, immersions and retreats designed to reconnect women with their own bodily wisdom. She is also a writer and currently working on her first memoir.

Naomi Cameron

Naomi is a Somatic Specialist who is passionately supporting people to unfold the life, love and confidence they deserve. She offers a fusion of embodiment and shamanic-based practices to unravel trauma patterns stored in the body. Naomi offers 1:1, group facilitation, is certified in Non-Linear Movement Method® and Somatic Experiencing.

Chelsey Fasano
New York, USA

Chelsey Lee Fasano researches meditation and neuroscience at Columbia University, works as Head of Research and Development at a sex education company, and offers sexuality counseling as well as instructions in beginning meditation practice.

Sara Kizildel
Turkey & Online

Sara has over 15 years of experience in Food and Beverage industry as a leader. Her love for embodiment shifted her career to guiding people to return to their bodies and hearts. She has studied with Michaela & Steve since 2017. She is a Jungian Coach, yoga instructor and certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method®️ Level 1 and 2, The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop®️ & The Wild Woman’s Circle™️.

Hannah Levien

Hannah is dedicated to creating a heartfelt, clear container for embodied self-inquiry and the gentle unfolding of ones own somatic experience. Hannah went in search of embodiment practices and found Michaela Boehm and Steve James, deeply immersing herself in their teachings, & qualifying to facilitate the Non-Linear Movement Method® and the Wild Woman’s Circle™. Hannah also holds qualifications in Systemic Change Management and Yoga Teaching, and is now certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Betsy Elizabeth Blonsky
Florida, USA & Online

Betsy is an Integration Coach, trauma-informed somatic practitioner, educator, and speaker. Through her unconventional approach of mind-body connection and embodiment practices (simply working with your body and its energies), clients have elevated their lives.  Betsy helps clients reduce stress, anxiety, depression and sustain new levels of energy, clarity, and fulfillment so they can feel and live better. She invites women, men, and couples to live from an elevated state. She also welcomes the marketplace to likewise cultivate an environment of healthy elevated individuals. She is certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method®️ Level 1 and Level 2, The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop®️ & The Wild Woman’s Circle™️.

Lauren Howe

Lauren is an experienced meditation teacher, coach and accredited NLMM® teacher who supports women to rekindle their connection to their suppressed feminine so that they can be in deeper and more meaningful relationship with themselves, their community and the land they live on. Lauren is known for her grounded and compassionate approach. She offers classes online and in-person.

Dr Lim Xiang Jun

Dr Lim Xiang Jun is a practicing multidisciplinary TCM doctor in Singapore with a Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She also holds a First Class Honors graduate in Biomedical Science, as well as certifications in Yoga, Shamanism, Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda, Metaphysics and Aesthetic Osteopathy, and now proudly also in Non Linear Movement Method®.

Gigi Burke, PhD
Georgia, USA & Online

Gigi is passionate about helping women embody their wildest dreams and deepest desires with more ease. She is an expert in Emotional Wellness, a Life & Career Coach, and an Embodiment Guide. She helps Black Women 40+ Creatives let go of the stuff keeping them from doing the work that lights them up and living fully. She offers coaching, trainings, and workshops. Gigi is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Aja Fenn
Washington D.C., USA

Aja is a professional dancer and dance instructor of 20 years, specializing in improvised Argentine Tango. She has trained hundreds of dancers from beginner level to teachers in training. She is a Certified Justisse Body Literacy Advocate, with a background in Fertility Awareness coaching, and a Certified Awakening Women Temple Group Facilitator. Aja has held a women’s circle in DC since 2011.

Rueida Muntasser

Rueida was born and raised in Europe and from the Arab world, exposed to both cultural factors, traditions and society. Since she started exploring her own body her next step was to deepen into the understandings and studies of the somatic body genius to coach in the felt, embodied way and through movement, as now a qualified and certified teacher of The Non-Linear Movement Method® Level 1 and Level 2.

Ashlea Broomfield

Ashlea Broomfield works as a General Practitioner on the North Coast of NSW, Australia, who recognises the interaction between mind, body, community and culture on health and wellbeing. She practices NLMM® daily to support and enrich her work and life, and is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method®. A lover of laughter and fun, Ashlea has a particular interest in supporting the wellbeing of health professionals.

Erica Bridgeman
California, USA

Erica Bridgeman is a community radio broadcaster, podcaster, artist and practicing Vipassana meditator living in Northern California. Her interest in health and alternative medicine led her to create the podcast, Living Healthy Despite Chronic Conditions, a program about people who overcame significant health challenges by engaging in creative ventures that were a direct result of their health condition.

Loes Madern
The Netherlands

Working as a Thai massage practitioner (with special interest in pregnancy/birth/postpartum) Loes is intrigued by the healing capacities of the body from within. She offers massage, in-depth embodiment workshops and online classes, where she supports her clients in navigating their lives with their body. Her approach is exploring, non-imposing, down to earth and always easy to adapt in daily life.

Tricia Ó Connor

Tricia O Connor is an Artist and Meditation teacher from Co.Kerry in Ireland. She has a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Socially Engaged Art and Art Theory. She has been studying the feminine arts for over a decade. She holds online women’s meditation circles and 1:1 sessions to activate the authentic, creative spirit within.

Juliana Herlaar
Vancouver Island, Canada

Juliana is a holistic professional counsellor who works with Highly Sensitive People and Empaths. She supports sensitives to reconnect to their inner wisdom and their bodies, to rediscover their power, and to tap into the magic of the Earth and nature. She has a diverse background in Yoga, Pranayama, Earth based practices, Forestry and Counselling. She offers one-on-one counseling sessions online or in nature, and group circles.

Belinda Randell

Belinda is a Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation Teacher and has been a highly esteemed Food Medicine Chef in private practice for 15 years. She has practiced movement in the form of Yoga, Martial Arts, and Dance for 20 years. Belinda works with women and families in Community Services and is passionate about facilitating workshops in this much needed area of our society.

Samuel Harder

Samuel is a business and personal mediator. Trained as a clinical psychologist, he draws from a rich sense of experiences as coach, researcher and professional athlete. Over the past 10 years, he built a practice of daily meditation and embodiment approaches. Samuel believes in imposition free teaching, as providing a platform that facilitates the client’s interest and intention. His latest project led him to the renaturation of a quarry and building a tiny house as a retreat space.

Joanna Leffeld
California, USA

Joanna has been inspiring and mentoring women as the “Moolah Doula” for many years. She is a former CFP, classically trained ballet dancer, yoga teacher, artist, end of life doula and NLMM® teacher, all shaping the alchemy of her life’s work. In workshops as well as individual sessions, Joanna offers a doorway into claiming one’s own incomparable and abundant life.

Jess van Groningen

Jess lives on a property in regional NSW surrounded by her menagerie of animals. She is committed to living an embodied life in-sync with nature and hopes to facilitate this process for others. Jess is a qualified NLMM® teacher who finds joy in introducing others to this powerful somatic modality in a gentle and grounded way.

Carolina Maduro

Carolina Maduro works with families as a Conscious Parenting Coach. Conscious Parenting unites western Psychology with Eastern wisdom and mindfulness and views the child as the guide for parental evolution. She is also a Female Embodiment guide as the celebration of motherhood as an aspect of femininity. As a Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher she creates a holistic offering to healing.

Amy Campbell
New York, USA

After spending most of her life stuck in ‘go-mode,’ Amy has found something transformative in the Non-Linear Movement Method® and is passionate about helping others do the same. She loves helping all people, especially career-driven women like herself, move out of their heads and into their bodies to find the aliveness, power, wisdom, and pleasure that is always already there!

Felicity Reid

Felicity is a qualified Shiva Shakti Dance facilitator, Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher as well as a project management professional with a successful corporate career. Using her qualifications and lived experience Felicity elegantly integrates embodiment, mindfulness and project management practices into courses, coaching programs and professional retreats that empower women to love who they are and achieve what they desire.

Kim Newing
Australia & Online

Kim Newing is a Women’s Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Trainer and Embodiment Teacher. She is also a mother, writer, student, lover of dance, rule breaker, and crystal enthusiast. Passionate about teaching women how to feel better in themselves, Kim supports those that work with her in releasing the barriers to feeling happier and more connected through the use of movement, meditation and mindfulness.

Paulina Sztukiewicz

Paulina’s approach is the culmination of her career working with people and organizations, specializing in understanding the underlying causes of difficulties, as well as emotional, behavioral and nervous system patterns – and studying the fields of human consciousness, trauma release and business management. Paulina uses emotional clearing, non-linear movement method and systemic constellation to help people let go of old patterns.

Nuria Herrmann

Nuria immersed herself in an intense art education focused on performance, dance, and poetry. From an early age she was introduced to the practices of Zapchen Somatics and experienced different yogic traditions by her grandmother. Her explorations were further deepened by Vipassana and the mystical tradition she is practicing. Right now she is finishing her Master degree in psychomotricity to become a body-psychotherapist.

Megan Hart
Washington, USA

Megan is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Embodied Yoga Teacher & Certified Hypnotherapist. She has trained around the globe, and calls the lush Pacific Northwest her home. Megan strives to facilitate bringing people back in touch with their own nature, and relishes spending time outdoors hiking, skiing, swimming & unplugging. She is a devotee of Nondual Śaiva Tantra.

Christine Clegg

Christine loves to bring people together to share experiences of deep presence through exploring wild nature landscapes to even the wilder landscape of the inner. A scientist in her youth, until motherhood changed everything, for the last 15 years she has walked a colorful path as a Holder of Ceremonies, Musician, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Social Activist, Installation Artist, and Mindful Movement Facilitator. Christine is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the The Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Kirsten Severino

Kirsten is an Intuitive Kinesiologist and Embodiment Guide. As a ‘reformed’ overthinker and overdoer in constant go mode, she now supports women to take the journey from coming out of their heads and into the wisdom of their body. Through embodiment practices, energetic work and nervous system regulation she helps women discover and reclaim deeper parts of themselves.

Tara Thomas
Australia & Online

Tara believes the path to collective liberation is through relational self-awareness and skills development. This reshapes our intimate relationships and ripples out to transform families & communities. She takes an experiential approach, incorporating embodiment practices alongside curious conversations to guide couples to discover their own unique dynamics. Tara is a certified teacher in Level 1 & Level 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method® and the Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Eva Maura
New York

I am Eva Maura, a transpersonal therapist and self-development coach. I specialize in integrating energetic & somatic embodiment in trauma therapy, while facilitating a cyclical, deeply personalized journey to support & sustain women’s ongoing self-growth during all of its stages.

Constance Strecke

Constance is trained in Munich, Germany as a trauma healer and has worked in that field for over 17 years. Her healing methods are deeply connected with embodiment practices now further enhanced by her NLMM® teacher certification.  For 7 years she has been following her love for sacred places in the Mediterranean, leading seminars in unique places combining personal healing processes with earth healing.

Amy Fournier
Massachusetts, USA & Online

Since 1988, Amy has been helping people to be more fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit. She offers online fitness, dance, mobility, yoga and Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) classes, has a series of eBooks and virtual programs and has a popular podcast, Awakening Aphrodite which can be found on iTunes, Spotify and all podcast outlets.

Sarahlee Sewards
Massachusetts, USA

Sarahlee Sewards, LICSW, MBA is a Licensed Independent Certified Social Worker in the state of Massachusetts. She has worked in the field of Behavioral Health for over 20 years and specializes in treating anxiety, depression, trauma and stress management. She believes in the mind-body connection, focuses on a somatic approach, and has received her certification in the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Sarcha Thurston

Sarcha offers a variety of yoga and embodiment classes at Yogahub, located in Perth, Western Australia. “My body is both my anchor and my sail, the discipline of daily practice provides a grounding to life’s challenges and triumphs, and the spiritual practice helps to illuminate the path ahead and keeps me growing in the right direction.”

Greer Christos
Australia & Online

Ayurvedic Wellness & Spiritual Life Coach | Personalized NLMM | Conscious Relationship | Heart Medicine | Juicy Living | Daily Sacred | 1:1 | Group Courses | Couples Mentoring & Retreats


Germany & Online

Claudia grew up in Asia and in South America and now lives in the southern part of Germany. She has over 20 years of experience in the business industry as an executive leader. Furthermore she is a business coach, coaching individuals and organizations in Mindful Leadership and helping in mainly navigating through transformation and change. Claudia is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Theres Kull
Italy & Online

Theres guides women in an intimate, at times provocative experience integrating life coaching, embodiment, and movement, while drawing from the philosophies of Feng Shui and Slow Sex to drop out of the calculating, critical mind to fully experience the present. She is a certified teacher in the Level 1 and Level 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Candice Winterboer
South Africa & Online

Candice is a life and business coach, holding a credential with the International Coaching Federation. Using embodiment tools like Non-Linear Movement Method® and Yin Yoga along with coaching practices and Somatic Experiencing, Candice facilitates inquiry into the process of coming back to the self. Offered in on-on-one sessions, online programs as well as workshops and retreats.

Kirsten Freeland
Alberta, Canada & Online

Kirsten is the mother of two and a successful entrepreneur. Widowed at age 36, Kirsten’s passion for leadership in embodiment is focused on providing support and mentorship for widows, mothers as solo parents, and all women entrepreneurs. As a certified facilitator of the Non-Linear Movement Method® Level 1 and Level 2 and the Wild Woman’s Circle®, she offers a sacred container for the rediscovery of self trust and inner knowing.

Sarah Marie Zimmerman
Tennessee, USA

Sarah has an extensive background in social work and advocacy, as well as work in substance misuse recovery, sexual assault crisis, health education and prevention. A licensed massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and a certified Access Consciousness Bars facilitator, Sarah’s work is also informed by her practices of sacred dance and shamanism, and is trauma informed. Sarah is a certified Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher.

Natalie Goni
Hong Kong

Natalie Goni is a purpose & leadership coach, guide and movement practitioner working with emerging leaders in Asia, Australia and Europe; cultivating self-leadership that is fulfilling, sustainable and challenges the status quo. Natalie combines a commercial background with extensive exploration in personal mastery and embodiment modalities including yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, breathwork, Cha Dao and Tantra, with compassionate self-enquiry and leadership & management practices to support journeys of growth, embodiment and transformation. Natalie is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Alyona Chekkera
Australia, Russia, India & Online

Alyona has been a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner for 20 years. She holds qualifications in Education, Linguistics, Coaching and Permaculture.
Alyona is an avid traveller and has lived in 4 countries. She offers 1:1 coaching and workshops using the NeuroGraphica art techniques. Alyona is passionate about helping women navigate through challenges of immigration and helping awaken their creative potential.

Asma Al Hamiz
United Arab Emirates

Asma is a trained psychotherapist with a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy. She obtained a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University) in Palo Alto, California. Asma is a certified facilitator of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, she is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Reiki Master.

Marina Heinrich Valner
California, USA

Following a successful career in co-founding and running a start up in Silicon Valley, Marina left the corporate world to explore her passion for embodiment, intimacy, and personal growth. She is a trained musician and dancer who enjoys creating and facilitating safe spaces for people to explore their bodies and awaken their innate, wild natures. She is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Sarah Sherwood
Texas, USA

Sarah combines her life experiences and her training as a certified Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, and Non-Linear Movement Method® facilitator to help people who feel overwhelmed with the demands of life move through their current stress and past trauma to create new patterns that help them reclaim their lives with joy and passion.

Somya Jajor

Somya believes that life is a beautiful gift and considers every experience an opportunity for learning, spiritual growth and giving back to the universe. Having studied Classical Ashtanga Yoga she is a QCI certified Level-2 Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about practicing and teaching holistic well being. Yoga Sutra, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Yogic Diet and Nutrition are topics close to her heart.

United Kingdom

Sunčica is a systemic and embodiment coach, consultant and educator, enabling and deepening the quality of connectedness with ourselves, others and our world. With over twenty years of experience, her focus is on personal development and systemic culture change. She is passionate about unfolding the beauty and brilliance of each human being one movement at a time.

Rebecca Reither
Germany & Online

Rebecca is a yoga teacher with a background in social psychology and cultural anthropology and has immersed in hatha yoga and classical tantra since 2005. She focuses on creating a space that allows people to connect with their bodily wisdom and their inner voice. Rebecca teaches one on one and in groups both in person and online. She teaches in German and occasionally in English.

Stefanie Mettin

Stefanie radiates a natural joy of life and loves to follow her curiosity to explore the richness of being. She finds balance in sensual pleasures and soft movement. She loves to connect deeply with others and offers a safe and warm atmosphere when teaching The Non-Linear Movement Method® and organizing Wild Woman’s Circles™ online and live in Hamburg. Stefanie is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the The Non-Linear Movement Method®. 

Jen Weber
Minnesota, USA & Online

Jen is a Certified Massage Therapist, Somatic Arts Practitioner and embodiment facilitator in Alexandria, Minnesota. Jen is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Non-Linear Movement Method® and offers both in person and online sessions. Jen is passionate about offering women the opportunity to remember their wholeness and experience their fullness and vitality via the body.


Ashka Zasada
United Kingdom

Grounded in her own study of yoga, buddhist teachings and meditation, dance and embodiment, Ashka aims to facilitate a path to inner wholeness. Her teachings are an invitation to welcome more play and pleasure into the experience; she believes they are fundamental on our path to healing and lead to a deeply intimate and fulfilling life. Ashka is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.


Robin Wilkinson
Australia & Online

Robin is a relational and somatic psychotherapist with a focus on embodied relating and attachment. He works with individuals and couples to help promote co-regulation, deepen connection, integrate trauma, and foster relationships as a spiritual practice. He has worked extensively with men and in menswork contexts and spent the past 20 years studying movement, meditation, mythology and mysticism, which he writes extensively on and incorporates into his work.


Anna Allgäuer
Austria & Online

Anna is a business coach for female emerging leaders, professionally trained in Musical Theatre, Business and Business Psychology. After many years in theatre as a performer, and stage and production manager, Anna found her body and mind were disconnected and found deep empowerment by reconnecting the body and mind using embodiment, mindfulness, and positive psychology to create well being, pleasure, power and aliveness.


Sara Lu

Sara Lu (1985, Spain) is a movement based performance artist. Trained in classical ballet, contemporary dance and Butoh, her current work resides between aesthetics and activism. In that, she places a special emphasis on female* identities. As an in-house choreographer, she has been working at the integrative Theater RambaZamba since 2016, based in Berlin. She is learning Somatic Movement and researching on movement rituals and collective healing.


Julie Zdravkovska

Julie Zdravkovska is an international Medium and Healer who has dedicated her life helping many breakthrough physical, emotional and mental traumas and grief. She has seen how her spiritual gifts coupled with embodiment practices have offered insightful guidance and healing to those on their life journey. Julie is a qualified teacher in the Non-Linear Movement Method®.


Nicki Young
United Kingdom

Nicki is devoted to providing a safe space for people to discover their true self and develop their own inner wisdom and expression. Her compassionate approach facilitates embodiment and the healing of trauma to help clients feel confident, empowered and at ease within themselves. Nicki is certified in Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral, Breathwork and The Non Linear Movement Method® Level 1 and Level 2.

Hailey McBain

Hailey is passionate about empowering women and living with joy and love. Hailey is a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and NLMM® teacher, guiding mothers to heal themselves from incontinence and prolapse for the past 5 years. Mum of 2, snow lover and wild woman, Hailey holds a monthly women’s circle in her community in Tasmania. Hailey will be guiding and supporting women through embodiment workshops in 2022.


Michelle Lynn
USA & United Kingdom

Michelle is a NLMM® Facilitator, a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, and teacher with the School of Embodied Arts. Her career in embodiment and women’s health spans more than a decade. Michelle creates multidimensional experiences for both private clients and groups to invigorate your feminine essence, nourish your wild soul, discover hidden sources of inner power, and become a magnet for your deepest desires.


Jhinna Salinas
Texas, USA & Online

Jhinna is a somatic coach focusing on reclaiming our life force and embodying potentiality. As a former massage therapist she knew there was something to be said about how trauma could be processed through the body. She’s immersed herself in embodiment practices for the greater part of a decade, is trained in Somatic Experiencing, and has found that NLMM® has completely transformed her ability to meet the moment.

Kris Forbes
Australia & Online

Kris has a wealth of wisdom and understanding of body mind connection and is passionate about trauma informed therapy motivated by her own healing journey. Kris has over 20 years’ experience in homeopathy, herbal medicine, tantra, and various dance and yoga practices. Kris is a qualified in Non Linear Movement Method® and a Journey Practitioner.

Ludmila Bueno
Switzerland & Online

Ludmila Bueno is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and 700hrs + certified Yoga teacher and has deepened her knowledge and teachings of meditation, yoga, and movement by studying YinYoga, Vinyasa sequencing, Yoga Psychology, and The Non-Linear Movement Method®. Ludmila guides group classes and works 1-1 with private clients online and in-person. Native from Argentina, Ludmila teaches in Spanish, English, and French.

Lauralee Thomson
Australia & Online

Passionate about self empowerment, Lauralee offers support and guidance for those who desire a deeper connection with self. Incorporating her love of ritual, experience in embodiment practice and knowledge of earth, moon and feminine cycles into her offerings. A Reiki Practitioner, Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher, workshop facilitator and artist, Lauralee runs regular Women’s Circles, NLMM® classes, Workshops and 1:1 Sessions, in person and online.

Jessica Van Valkenburgh
Michigan, USA

Jessica is a Certified Body Confidence Coach, Movement, Dance and Certified Yoga Instructor-RYT 500, and the founder of Brazenly Beautiful LLC. Jessica loves to help her clients develop their self-esteem, confidence and sense of Self through the pure joy of embodied movement. Jessica is an authorized Non-Linear Movement Method Facilitator®, and is in progress to becoming a Somatic Movement Therapist. Jessica is certified in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Ágnes Júlia Albert
Czech Republic

I was born in Transylvania as a native Hungarian, and raised around the wild Carpathians. My interests since childhood led me to long-term studies in natural sciences, photography, yoga, meditation, dance and different embodiment practices. I am deeply connected to nature, immensely interested in diving deep into the subconscious field, and discovering the potentials of body, mind and spirit.

Angelica Dzeli Palmer
New York, USA & Online

Angelica is a Teacher, Performance Artist and Community Builder. She runs The Telegraph School (, a home for the Performing and Healing Arts, in Cherry Valley, NY and teaches The Non-Linear Movement Method®, dance classes of many forms and leads women’s and girls’ programs. She has decades of experience performing and teaching creative expression for personal and collective growth and she has a MA in Experimental Performance and Social Activism.

Emily Stewart
California, USA & Online

Emily Stewart, a gay abolitionist feminist with Made from Fire, designs supportive spaces for those who have been hurt by white supremacy and interpersonal violence. She holds a Masters in Teaching, trained to center people with disabilities, and engages in continual education to become a more competent, inclusive provider. A survivor herself, she practices regularly to manage chronic pain and the effects of complex trauma.

Melissa Ruppel
Germany & Online

Melissa loves to dive deep into the wisdom of the body and release what is not part of our true selves. Motivated by her own inner journey she now works as a psychologist and feminine embodiment coach and instructor, inspiring people to discover their power and aliveness through the feminine principle. She facilitates workshops and classes for people who wish to connect consciously with themselves and with others.

Moana Rusch
Switzerland & Online

Searching for a ritual and longing to uncover her body’s voice, Moana studied the NLMM® in 2021. She resonates with the method’s emphasis on non-imposition and innate wisdom, and continues being awed by the endless exploration the practice offers – one she also safely guides others into during her classes. Currently, she is continuing her studies in Psychology, embodiment, and partner-dance.

Dagmar Ege

Dagmar is a physical therapist, creative coach, and filmmaker. She supports people with holistic body training and Non-Linear Movement Method® to develop a good and healthy body feeling, and works with creative people to (re)discover, approach and bring out their creative self. Dagmar is also a documentary maker focusing on contemporary artists, avant-garde, and pop culture.

Rilana Vorderwülbecke
Germany & Spain

Rilana is a coach specializing in healing trauma through equine-guided education and expressive art therapy. She also has training in EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Pikler education, integrative psychology, and Thai yoga massage. Rilana believes in the power of client-led healing and supports her clients with space and presence. Rilana is a certified teacher of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Audra Duran
Oregon, USA

Audra has taught yoga for over 15 years and is an authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher. She is currently pursuing a masters in clinical psychology and will practice as a somatic psychotherapist. Audra is passionate about movement and loves conversations that start at the bottom line. Audra is a certified Level 1 and 2 Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher.

Telisha Webster
United Kingdom & Online

Telisha is a teacher and facilitator of embodiment and women’s empowerment practices. She blends somatic psychology and spiritual wisdom to help women relax, recharge and find their flow. Known for her down to earth and empathetic style, Telisha also holds qualifications in psychology, color therapy and conscious feminine practices, and is certified in Levels 1 and 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Laura Furey
Connecticut, USA

Laura is a certified Integrative Health Coach and has a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She works with people from around the world after walking her own journey with chronic illness. Her focus is on the power of neuroplasticity, somatic work and embodiment. She is also fluent in Spanish, likes to spend time in Spain and offers classes in both languages.

Breelyn Johnston
Ontario, Canada

Breelyn Johnston is recognized globally as a certified Energy Healer, Angelic Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner and is a qualified teacher in the Non-Linear Movement Method®. She is an intuitive oracle, channel, self-love and embodiment activist, and an artist passionately creating a legacy of love through her work on this beautiful planet.

Chrischa Venus Oswald
Germany, Portugal & Online

Chrischa is an artist and writer fueled by the love for self-expression, deep exchange and the curiosity to learn and expand. She loves supporting others to reconnect with their body and inner wisdom – and to experience the poetry of being alive – through creative processes (certified through an Art Therapy Training, IEK Berlin), sensuality, mindful practices and embodiment (certified Wild Woman’s Circle™ & NLMM®Teacher).

Leila Lloyd-Evelyn
United Kingdom

Leila is an embodiment teacher & film nerd based in London. She offers workshops which fuse Non Linear Movement Method® with a background in performance & dance movement therapy. She also spent 10 years in corporate & left that behind to develop Movement Envisioning classes. She helps successful folk who want to experience more trust & pleasure in the body to reconnect with their intuitive nature.


Ocean Kiani
United Kingdom & Online

Ocean is a lifelong learner of movement, play, and creativity and believes that all learning happens through the body in relationship with the world. She creates programs designed around developing self-trust, confidence and joy. Her background in psychology and business coupled with acting, movement and introspective practices offers a unique perspective to experience NLMM® through.



Jen Murphy
Ireland & Online

Jen is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Mythologist, and Anthropologist. She is the Creatrix of Celtic Embodiment. Coming from a lineage of storytellers and wisdom keepers on her maternal line, Jen is fascinated by the natural coalescence between our ancestral myths and our bodies as a potent brew to reclaim our sovereign power.

Yuliya Arabuli
United Kingdom & Online

Yuliya is an eclectic practitioner with over 10 years experience in Holistic Health. Her multifaceted approach includes various modalities and techniques – Nutritional Therapy, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Human Design, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Embodiment. Through 1:1 work and group facilitation, Yuliya helps her clients to regain control over their choices and vitality, thus working towards optimal well-being, fortified with authenticity and integrity.


Sandi White

Sandi is an inner healing and mindset coach. She is a meditation teacher and has practiced yoga for over 25 years. She helps women break through their upper limits and live the life of their dreams. She is passionate about supporting and guiding women to rediscover or unlock the amazing, magnificent, powerful and majestic women that is already inside them.


Elizabeth Nudo
North Carolina & Tennessee, USA

Elizabeth Nudo is a Master Energy Healer and Trauma Recovery Coach. Her intuition and psychic abilities sees your blindspots, moving you through your trauma recovery with ease in a safe environment. Liz is known for her relatable, down-to-earth attitude that is gentle but fierce. She is a certified Trauma Recovery Coach and a certified practitioner of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.


Shari Gerstenberger
Texas, USA & Online

Shari is a certified Somatic Sexologist, Relationship Coach, and EFT practitioner. She creates coaching programs which address the root causes of sexual trauma and childhood wounding, using experiential practices to heal sexual shame, create more secure attachments, cultivate embodiment, self-expression, and deeper intimacy in all of your relationships. As a proud queer woman, she loves working with the LGBTQIA+ community.


Florian Divi
Austria, International & Online

Florian is an experienced dreaming teacher with an academic background in visual arts. As a sleep expert he is deeply engaged in the art of Dream Yoga and shamanic dream practices. He has also been training in various movement practices and been on stage as part of a dance theatre project. Florian is passionate about supporting you to build an intimate relationship with your inner world.

Claire Fountain
USA & United Kingdom

Claire Fountain is a psychotherapist and writer focusing on the intersection of well-being, somatic healing, self-worth, and the stories we tell ourselves. Claire’s unorthodox and realistic approach to embodiment, yoga, mental health and healing is grounded in education and experience. She believes wellness is a human right, and there is always a new day and a new way.

Sheng-Si Huang (Shanii)

Shanii studied fine arts at San Francisco Art Institute and has fifteen years of deep study in Hatha Yoga, Tibetan Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism. A teacher of yoga and yoga theory for over ten years, she also offers NLMM® sessions in Taiwan in Mandarin Chinese in-person and online.

Corinne Konrad Calder
United Arab Emirates & Online

Corinne is a Cert. Soul-based Coach weaving embodiment and women’s wisdom teachings. She helps her clients come into greater self-leadership & wellbeing, and move through challenging transitions related to identity, relationship, family, lifestyle, and career. A leader of international events – she is passionate about guiding women home to themselves. Corinne is certified in Levels 1 and 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Alexandra Jung
Switzerland & Online

Alexandra Jung is a former nurse and coach who utilizes multiple modalities to help others be present with one’s own body, mind and emotions in order to move into a state of well-being, pleasure, and compassion for oneself and others. Her certifications include NLMM, Wild Woman’s Circle, Jin Shin Jyutsu. Sessions in German, English, & Spanish.

Katie Sroka
Colorado, USA & Online

Katie is a women’s embodiment guide and energy healer dedicated to living from the truth of her body and heart. Her journey began after a divorce where she learned to choose and love herself. She now guides women to connect to their inner compass. Katie is a trauma-informed certified life coach, Reiki practitioner, and The Non-Linear Movement Method® facilitator.

Paula Gheorghiu
Romania & Online

Paula is a Feminine Embodiment Coach and Embody Class facilitator living in Bucharest, Romania. She guides people to connect with subtle layers of their being, unearth their genius and learn to trust the wisdom of their body. She is a cycle-breaker, nature lover and dedicates her life to inspire others to choose their greatness always and live from their heart.

Bettina Roessler
Austria & Online

Bettina’s work is centered around creating a unique way of getting in touch with yourself in order to reduce negative stress and gain resiliency. As a coach she works with clients in 1:1 and group settings. She is certified in the Non-Linear Movement Method® and as a Yoga teacher.

Belle Martin
California, USA

After decades performing and coaching at the highest professional levels of Afro Latin, Argentine Tango, and Swing, Belle realized there was more to dance than technique and competition. Discovering a love for conscious dance, Belle now delights in helping others find their innate soulfulness and unique way of movement for healing, expression, and enjoyment. She is a passionate believer that anyone can dance!

CiCi McClaran
United Kingdom

CiCi McClaran is a Life Coach and Embodiment Teacher supporting women with creating lives that reflect their truest essence. Her background in Anthropology and life-long fascination with mythology, archetypes, folklore and Jungian psychology informs the foundations of her work. She is the creator of The Wood Sisters Women’s group, teaches regular online NLMM® classes, and offers a variety of 1-1 packages.

Robin Dibble
Indiana & Kentucky, USA

Robin holds her BA in Psychology from Indiana University and has worked with patients the last 13 years as an Assistive Technology Professional in the medical field with the disabled. She has experience in Spiritual Direction, Reiki, and as an Intuitive Practitioner. Robin loves to help others and has worked with youth programs. She is a certified practitioner of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Gabriela Gujdar
Romania, Hungary & Online

Gabriela is a clinical psychologist with a holistic vision and a special interest in women’s empowerment. She is a certified teacher of Non-Linear Movement Method® and a gentle feminine space holder, aligned to the rhythms and elements of nature. Gabriela guides women through somatic practices and rituals to awaken and cultivate their ancient essence and wisdom. Sessions in Romanian, English, & Hungarian.


Jami Bond
Pacific Northwest, USA & Online

Jami brings over 15 years experience of holding space from the artistic, visceral, and often intimate, craft of tattooing. The practice of tattoo, combined with her own journey, has cemented the importance of being with sensations. Jami is a certified Elementum Coaching Institute life coach, lives in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys the companionship of her two small dogs.


Mariya Grinina
United Kingdom

Mariya Grinina is bringing together women and experts in sensuality and sexuality from all over the world in one online community Feel ( – with a focus on healing and evolving in their sexuality. Among the top 25 Gen Z founders in Europe, she has learned to value embodiment and feminine practices and rituals for success, abundance, and spiritual and physical health.


Georgina Nash
United Kingdom & Online

Georgina is a Body-oriented Coach and embodiment teacher, passionate about helping women increase their sexual confidence, and deepen their intimacy, vitality and aliveness. Georgina has an MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, with research specializing in embodiment and how trauma affects the body, she facilitates events at The Somatic School, and is a qualified teacher in The Non-Linear Movement Method®.


Helen Creswell
Italy & Online

Helen works as an integrative counselor with individuals and couples, often in culturally-diverse environments. She feels passionate about helping people search for a greater sense of connection: to themselves, others, their creativity, bodies, emotions, and the natural world. She believes in everyone’s right to explore and become who they are meant to be.


Ana Carolina Spinelli
Brazil & Online

Ana is an NLMM® teacher and Family Constellations facilitator who believes that embodiment, relationships, and creativity are fundamental aspects of healing and growth. She is also the founder of Cosmo Interno, a wellbeing initiative that was born to help people (re)create their life path through movement, dance, plastic arts, communication and other forms of self-expression. She is based in São Paulo, Brazil.


Molly Leitner
Pennsylvania, USA

Molly is a childbirth educator and yoga teacher. She is dedicated to helping expecting parents find their own unique path toward birth that feels meaningful, safe, and grounded in trust and knowing. She offers Non-Linear Movement Method® classes to postpartum women to integrate their transformative experience into motherhood.


Liz Garcia, PhD, CDTLF
Texas, USA & Online

Liz has been designing personal and professional development since 2007 through coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. She is passionate about leveraging her values of courage, connection, and equity to create brave spaces for leaders to engage in the community and vulnerability that are necessary for growth. Liz uses story, plática, and the body as the vehicle for transformation.



Ada (Andrea) Friedrich
Germany & Online

Ada is a Leadership Coach, Holistic Counselor and certified Practitioner of Psychotherapy. Using embodiment tools like Non-Linear Movement Method®, Anusara® Yoga, breathwork and meditation along with Integral Coaching practices, Family Constellation and Somatic Experiencing. She supports people to discover, embody and live their true nature, helping to make a profound shift in how they show up in their life and work.



Amanda Taylor
Northern Rivers NSW & Online

Amanda is a mother and meditation and workshop facilitator. Amanda is passionate about creating a strong and safe container and is a fully accredited NLMM® Facilitator. Amanda believes that resolving trauma in her own life has been one of the greatest gifts she has experienced and been able to bestow upon her lineage, community and self.
She teaches NLMM® Online and in person.



Jordan Ryan
Missouri, USA & Online

Jordan has had a lifelong passion for embodiment and movement, originally studying dance before diving deep into Ashtanga yoga for many years. She now serves women as a VITA™ Sexuality Coach as well as facilitating The Non-Linear Movement Method®. She is passionate about supporting women in reconnecting with their bodies, sensuality, and the healing potential (and pleasure!) of sexuality.



Rosanna Normanton
United Kingdom, USA & Online

Rosanna is a Psychotherapist & Intimacy Coordinator supporting well-being in the film & television industry. She is a Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher, blending her embodiment practice with existing work in trauma and healing. She supports actors working with scenes of intimacy to engage the body and movement in the role, whilst maintaining care & connection to self.



Henrikke Havaas

Henrikke is a yoga therapist, recovery music specialist, and facilitator of sensory experiences. Through music as medicine and mindful restorative, she supports her clients in releasing emotions while guiding them into self-connection. Henrikke is a qualified teacher in Non-Linear Movement Method® and teaches online and in person. Sessions in Norwegian, German, and English.



Anna Klijn

Anna is a relationship therapist specializing in working with couples, helping them to navigate communication breakdowns, infidelity, and other complex relationship issues. Therefore, different somatic therapies play a big role in her work. When she is not in the therapy room, Anna enjoys spending time with her family, cleaning the house, and drinking tea with her friends.



Isabella Diaz
Australia, Switzerland & Italy

Isabella curates containers for people to unfurl, feel and regulate ~ whether it’s in the space of NLMM®, photography, or birth support, she is present and intentional with the trust she weaves with you. For the remainder of 2023, she is available for retreats and workshops throughout Europe.



Veronica Pretelt
United Kingdom

Veronica is a compassionate and experienced psychotherapist who integrates mindfulness, embodiment, and spirituality into her work. With over 20 years of trauma work in community settings, she prioritizes creating safe environments for transformation and personal growth. Driven by a profound understanding of the power of community in the healing process, Veronica is also committed to creating transformative wellbeing retreats and nurturing communal spaces.



Lana Nahawi
United Arab Emirates & Online

Lana Nahawi is a Women’s Embodiment Teacher and Coach. Her work lies at the intersection of psychology, embodiment coaching and practice, and heart-centered leadership. She is devoted to traveling alongside women on their journeys to a deeper, meaningful and connected life. Her approach integrates body wisdom and heart opening as the portal to a sense of Aliveness and honest Empowerment.

Gina Chavez
California, USA

Dr. Chavez career was in public education. She spent the last 24 years as the Regional Director of the California Reading and Literature Project at Loyola Marymount University. She is also adjunct professor at CSU Los Angeles. NLMM® was a tremendous support in her personal life so she chose this as her next teaching experience. She is a certified Non-Linear Movement Method® facilitator.

Diana Binder Wettstein
Switzerland & Online

Diana grew up on a farm and inherited her Grandmother’s knowledge about herbal healing. She is a management member of a Swiss Institute for Adult Education and has been an independent trainer since 2007 with a focus on self-management and leadership seminars. She loves to blend scientific and traditional approaches. Courses & coachings in Swiss-German, German and English. (certified Wild Woman’s Circle™ & NLMM® Teacher).

Sidney Olivia Garcia
Arizona, USA & Online

Sidney is a passionate mother of 2 and loves helping busy women to recover their vitality and lead an authentic, joyful life. She uses precision epigenetics coaching, embodiment practices, and energy medicine to tap into the innate wisdom of the body. She completed a M.Sc. in Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego and is a qualified Non-Linear Movement Method® Instructor.


Cristy Russell

Cristy has over 20 years experience in Education and Teaching and is passionate about working with women to thrive in their everyday lives. Cristy is a female embodiment and sexuality educator and mentor. She offers programs and 1:1 sessions (both in-person and online) to regain power, release stress/trauma from the body and explore and repair boundary ruptures.

Daniela Henny
France & Online

Daniela is a consultant and mentor who supports purpose-driven and conscious business owners as well as the creator of the cabin, a mindful online co-working space. She aims to create a free and meaningful life for herself and those around her. Daniela is a certified Non-Linear Movement Method® facilitator and lives in the French Alps by Lake Annecy.


Siobhan Barnes
Hong Kong

Siobhan is an ex-corporate and commercial real estate professional turned leadership coach supporting high-achieving professionals into purpose-led careers without sacrificing their soul, sanity or steady pay cheque. She provides unbiased support to guide her clients back to their bodies so that they can craft a career and life path that’s true to themselves, not the one set out by their line managers or CEO’s.

Rebecca Kern
Florida, USA

Rebecca is a season tantric practitioner and a women’s sex coach. Her work heavily focuses on somatics by teaching others to become more in tune with their bodies and sensations. Learning the NLMM® is another tool that she can use with her clients to allow them to calm their nervous system and to empower them to trust and listen more closely to their internal experiences.

Nadine Haslacher
Austria, Czech Republic & Online

Nadine is a yoga teacher, embodiment facilitator and the founder of “Chandra Soma” – a platform focused on creating safe spaces to explore emotions and bodily wisdom through movement. She offers gentle yoga, workshops, women’s groups, intuitive dance, movement practices and breathing techniques. Her mission is to be a lifelong student herself and a guiding companion to others.


Cristina Pop
Worldwide on Zoom

Cristina is a life coach for women who want to create a life that feels really good. After 12 years as a coach, Cristina has created The THRIVE Formula, a unique coaching method that balances intuition and reasoning, body and mind, creativity and strategy. Cristina coaches women from around the world in French and in English.


Paola Mendizábal
Chile & USA

Paola is a journalist specializing in cultural management. She has worked for 18 years in cultural centers, art galleries, and different projects of heritage value. She has been a Certified teacher and teachers’ trainer of Biodanza Original (RTS) for 15 years. Paola believes the body has the inherent power and wisdom to bring us the truth about ourselves, and to heal. 


Dr. Lauren Jetton
North Carolina, USA & Online

Inspired by her own journey of healing and inner work, Dr. Lauren Jetton is passionate about sharing NLMM® to help others come home to themselves, become aware of their inner landscape, and remove barriers to living their full potential and expression of life. Lauren is a Chiropractic Physician, holds a degree in Athletic Training from UNC Wilmington, and specializes in infant and perinatal care.


Jasmine Kali
Australia & Online

Jasmine is an innovator who specializes in embodied movement, pelvic care, and somatic explorations to open and activate women’s innate rich powers. With a lifetime of experience curating ecstatic gatherings and unforgettable playlists, she is a mother, a green witch, and a devotee to creating safe containers for women to rise strong and reclaim the feminine wild places within.

Erica Sartini-Combs
Kentucky, USA & Online

Erica Sartini-Combs is the owner of Guided Place, a home for nurturing the connection of self + soul. Erica is passionate about creating experiences and providing tools that deepen consciousness and promote self-discovery. She shares as a Somatic Therapist, NLMM® Facilitator, Wild Woman’s Way Circle Leader, Human Design Guide, Aura-Soma practitioner, and Chromotherapist. She offers services in person and virtually.


Anna Pelzer
British Columbia, Canada & Online

Anna is a menopause coach, Radiance Sutras meditation instructor, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator. She uses body awareness, stress reduction, lifestyle strategies, and NLMM® to help women have the best possible experience through their transition to menopause. She is also the host of the Vegan Menopause



Kate Leiper

Bridging the realms of psychotherapy and embodied arts, Kate Leiper offers a revolutionary approach to grief and loss using tools of somatic inquiry, movement and creative expression. As an experienced therapist, coach and facilitator, Kate supports women to transmute pain into vitality and personal power so they can meet the fullness of life with deep trust and an open heart.


Emilia Blom
Sweden & Online

Emilia, a Sweden-based UX designer, content strategist, and innovation facilitator, blends tech experience with foraging, nature immersion, and ceremonialism. Operating at the intersections of design leadership, embodiment practices, and animist spirituality, she is educated in journalism, design, nordic shamanism, and various healing/movement modalities. Emilia explores and evolves ancient traditions for modern life in her work with clients and companies.


Ivana Djokvucic
Serbia & Online

Ivana practiced and published as a clinical psychologist for 6 years (in Australia), specializing in CBT. She had worked in student counseling where she supported international students integrating into the university context (when she moved to Serbia). She now works in IT supporting new companies with leadership development and stress management. Ivana qualified as an NLMM® practitioner in 2023 and continues to further her education in counseling, coaching and wellbeing.


Anya Heidi Oravasaari
United Kingdom & Online

Anya Heidi has come to live her truth through her lifelong relationship with nature, through learning what death teaches us about fully living, and through deep immersion in Tantra. She is a Vision Quest guide, a Tantra teacher, and a healing practitioner whose work focuses on the power of love, and liberation from fear into bliss. Anya Heidi is certified in the Non-Linear Movement Method®.


Tertia Riegler
Austria & Online

Tertia Riegler is a SOEA Feminine Embodiment Coach, Embodied Movement Teacher, and host of the Untamed and Embodied Podcast. She helps women to embody their divine feminine essence and to live in a way that honors their feminine energy so that they can feel sensually alive, be deeply connected to their inner wisdom and become magnetic to what they desire.

Mavra Root
United Kingdom

Mavra is a Pilates instructor, somatic coach, focusing practitioner, and Non-Linear Movement Method® facilitator. Embracing the belief that life is more fulfilling when we embody unity, she integrates comprehensive pilates, innovative thinking, and belief-changing awareness into her classes. Mavra is not only a Pilates practitioner but also a somatic coach for both groups and one-on-one sessions.



Carolina Mello
California, USA

Rooted in a commitment to service and the belief in inherent healing potential, Carolina specializes in somatic healing through breath, mindfulness, and spirituality. Certified in breathwork, Non-Linear Movement Method®, and yoga, she guides individuals on transformative journeys of self-exploration, emphasizing mindfulness and spiritual awareness to rediscover inner truths and life’s purpose.





Beth Stoddard
Oregon, USA

Beth Stoddard has been a western medicine practitioner for over a decade. During years treating patients with chronic illness and facing her own medical and life challenges, her suppressed trauma resurfaced. She implemented the Non-linear Movement Method® in her life and now her passion has grown beyond treating physical ailments to facilitating deeper connection and healing within her patients’ bodies.






Milena Magrinelli
Florida, USA & Brazil

Milena Magrinelli is a Brazilian born American. She’s a yoga teacher since 2019 RYT® 500, focus on trauma informed yoga. She has a PhD in Herbalism, she is a Brain Longevity® Specialist (2023 by Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation) and she also studied nutrition and more non-traditional healing methods (Ayurveda and Reiki). When she came across the work of Michaela Boehm, she knew she needed to learn it. So she dove in The Non-Linear Movement Method®’ Practitioner and Teacher Training, obtaining her certifications in 2023/2024, while pregnant with her first baby.





Daisy Poesen

Daisy has always had a passion for wholistic wellbeing, since her early twenties she has been a yogi and an explorer of trauma therapies, Celtic traditions, and plant medicine. In the safety and comfort of her own ceremonial space, she combines everything she has learned in the past decade and a half to guide individuals and small groups to a truly fulfilling life.





Sabine Kunzfeld
Germany & Online

Sabine Kunzfeld is an architect with strong foundations in Vedic architecture/Vastu and geomancy. After visiting India and studying Yoga & Vastu from the source and for many years, her passion turned into her profession – Today holistic healing with yoga & psychotherapy is her current field and focus. She is a paramedic complementary psychotherapist certified and valid for Germany and abroad.