Movement Koan Method® 2 Video by Steve James

Available for instant download or on a physical DVD.

Running time 60 minutes.





DVD *OR* Instant Video Download

Join Steve James in the Movement Koan® Method 2, an innovative fusion of joint-nourishing movement and body based mindfulness.


Movement Koan Method® 2 can be used by itself or in conjunction with Movement Koan Method® 1.

Available for instant download or on DVD.

  • Learn powerful strategies to awaken the body’s intelligence
  • Ideal for a stand-alone practice, daily joint maintenance, or a full body warm-up
  • Scalable to any fitness level, from beginner to advanced
  • Brand new skill sequences to rapidly reconnect the mind and the body
  • Explore a new standing sequence as well as level change work
  • Dive into the world of balance as a means of deep bodily inquiry
  • Bonus guided meditation and presentation on ‘Principles of Embodiment’


Profound insights into the nature of my experience

What I love about The Movement Koen Method is how effortless the practice is and how noticeable the benefits are in my own experience. It’s been a fantastic addition to my morning ritual and each time I do it, I enjoy greater openness in my body and a deeper intimacy with what is arising in my experience. During the guided meditation with Steve, I have had profound insights into the nature of my experience, which has come about in a very subtle, gentle and organic way. Regardless what level of experience you have with this modality, I feel everyone would benefit greatly for this powerful offering.

Ryan, Australia

Steve is really unique

Steve is really unique in his extremely grounded educational style and his depth of experience, his ability to integrate the teachings bodily and intellectually and this without loosing connection to real people and our life…Meeting Steve James, following his work and attending all of his teachings in Amsterdam since our first meeting has been pivotal in both my own spiritual and personal development.

Dennis, Denmark

Profound knowledge of bodywork and meditation

Steve’s profound knowledge of bodywork and meditation have improved my understanding of the subject greatly. His gentle patience and strong commitment have inspired me and lead me to further exploration. Having experienced many offerings in this field over the years, I consider the work of Steve James as a teacher and trainer of teachers to have been the most effective for me and consider him unique and irreplaceable in my explorations in this field.

Andrea, Switzerland

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