Movement Koan Method® Video by Steve James

Available for instant download or on a physical DVD

Running time 73 minutes





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Join Steve James in the Movement Koan Method® video, an innovative fusion of joint-nourishing movement and body-based mindfulness.



This material is an expression of Steve’s 25+ years of deep engagement in various somatic practices (including competitive martial arts, yoga, and qigong), meditation as well as contemplative and mystic traditions.

The Movement Koan® Method forms the basis of the embodiment instructions in all our workshops and intensives alongside the Non-Linear Movement Method®. Those of you who’ve experienced Steve’s movement work first-hand know how effective it is for opening the body and leading into intimacy practices, partnered work, and meditation – so we’re really excited to be able to make this available for you to follow along at home!

The video includes two whole-body standing sequences, a dedicated floor section designed to open the hips and prepare the body for sitting in meditation (or on the floor in general) and a bonus guided meditation in the style Steve teaches at our events.

We hope you will enjoy this video as a new addition to your bodily practices and a great way to give to your body and integrate your workshop experiences in daily life!

Available for instant download or on DVD. Running time 73 minutes.

  • Ideal for a stand-alone practice, daily joint maintenance, and an effective warm-up
  • Long and short sequences to suit your schedule
  • Scaleable to any fitness level, from beginner to advanced
  • A potent approach that brings ease to the body while stimulating the mind
  • Improve neuroplasticity and body intelligence with fun challenge sequences
  • Develop muscular efficiency via somatic investigation
  • Bonus guided meditation and presentation of the method



Profound insights into the nature of my experience

What I love about The Movement Koen Method is how effortless the practice is and how noticeable the benefits are in my own experience. It’s been a fantastic addition to my morning ritual and each time I do it, I enjoy greater openness in my body and a deeper intimacy with what is arising in my experience. During the guided meditation with Steve, I have had profound insights into the nature of my experience, which has come about in a very subtle, gentle and organic way. Regardless what level of experience you have with this modality, I feel everyone would benefit greatly for this powerful offering.

Ryan, Australia

His integrity and dedication to his craft

In my personal life I have gone through some very intense and difficult events over the last year. Without the training from Steve from both his public workshops and private sessions I am sure I would not have been able to pass through these troublesome times unscathed. I cannot only recommend highly the material that Steve has developed but also his integrity and dedication to his craft.

Mark, UK

Distinct, unparalleled, and revolutionary

Steve’s program is absolutely distinct, unparalleled, and revolutionary. His understanding of embodied expression and non-linear thinking and movement has transformed my life. Innovation in this field is exceedingly rare. Steve and his essential contribution to the training continues to reset the paradigm of the human evolutionary process.

James, California

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