Michaela featured on “Loose Women” UK

The Secret To Lasting Intimacy

What do you mean by intimacy? And how do you keep the spark alive?

These were the first two questions every interviewer asked over the past few weeks. I had been featured in a London Times article and suddenly everyone had questions (and strong opinions!!!) about it.

As much as all of this made for juicy headlines, there are some important underlying principles, which when they are applied to the individual situation can make a big difference in an intimate relationship.

It’s been quite interesting to talk about intimate connection and what creates attraction in the mainstream media, veering away from “quick fix tips” and pointing at the principles that can be applied by anyone wanting to deepen their connection with themselves and a chosen partner.

For relationship to be strong and lasting, generosity and “same-ness” are most important, but to create mutual desire and “hotness” the partners have to retain a sense of difference to create the spark of attraction.

This can be accomplished in many ways, spending time apart or not living together being only one of many options.

Simply spending a bit of time separately at the end of the workday, to come back to the body, can go a long way. Cultivating interests independent of the relationship also makes us a much more stimulating partner.

Here is a “behind the scenes” clip from my interview on “Loose Women”.

>>To watch the full interview on Loose Women go here<<

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